Eating and Restaurants in Nanaimo


Nanaimo has a diverse food environment when it comes to combining different cultures and offering a wide variety of food genres.

It has multiple types of places you can eat at from typical seafood to ethnic dinner buffets containing food items from all across the globe. The most found food type in Nanaimo’s restaurants would be Asian cooking.

You’ll often walk past a joint that sells Chinese, Thai or Japanese food. Having food from all around the world allows Nanaimo to entertain thousands of tourists from all across the globe.

Many tourists find it at home here when it comes to finding their food type.

We have combined a list of top restaurants in Nanaimo that serve different categories of food:

Asssteras Greek Taverna:

The eatery is located in downtown Nanaimo and represents the warmth of Greek history.

It is well known for its delicious Greek recipes, joyful environment and excellent service.


New York Style Pizza:

This American/Italian fast food joint located in the old city has been famous over the past years for its pizzas and pasta.

The pizza place offers convenience to customers by offering both, dine-in and home delivery options.


Original Joe’s:

This is a startup run by young college graduates that try their best to improve food quality every time they serve you.

The place is located inside the Country Club Mall and is famous for serving a variety of starters, each one tastier than the other.

Some of their notable starters include Chicken Wings and Dragon-boat Lettuce Wraps. Their main course specialties include grilled burgers, jalapeno hamburger plunge and Macintosh Cheddar.


The Grand Cru Restaurant and Lounge:

The restaurant is recommended for north towners. Located at a 10-minute drive from downtown Nanaimo, The Grand Cru resides inside the Grand Hotel Nanaimo.

The environment here is better than anywhere else in the city.¬† You’ll have an experience of cultural cultivation while dining here.

You can see the cooks tossing your chicken at the grill with a natural scenery in the background.


Nori Japanese Restaurant:

Located at the northern edge of the city, Nori is a place known for its fish and crispy veggie recipes.

The menu contains unique Japanese cuisines from sashimi and tempura to western dishes like chicken and hamburgers.

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