Green Eating and Living Restaurant is a throughout the day quick easygoing solid sustenance and drink idea set inside such characteristic surroundings that even a squirrel would feel at home! Our first treehouse is currently open seven days seven days an ‘oak seed’s toss’ from South Kensington tube station and we trust more home bases will take after soon.

About our food

We trust that well being is critical however doesn’t need to be to the detriment of fun and great taste. We have endeavored to make a really one of a kind offering and involvement in store and for conveyance.
Eateries go from modest and casual dining or eating places taking into account individuals working close-by, with unassuming sustenance served in straightforward settings at low costs, to costly foundations serving refined nourishment and fine wines in a formal setting. In the previous case, clients for the most part wear easygoing garments. In the last case, contingent upon culture and nearby conventions, clients may wear semi-easygoing, semi-formal or formal wear. Regularly, at mid-to costly eateries, clients sit at tables, their requests are taken by a server, who brings the nourishment when it is prepared. Subsequent to eating, the clients at that point pay the bill. In a few eateries, for example, work environment cafeterias, there are no servers; the clients utilize plate, on which they put frosty things that they select from a refrigerated compartment and hot things which they ask for from cooks, and after that they pay a clerk before they take a seat. Another eatery approach which utilizes couple of servers is the smorgasbord eatery. Clients serve sustenance onto their own particular plates and after that compensation toward the finish of the feast. Smorgasbord eateries ordinarily still have servers to serve beverages and mixed refreshments. Fast food eateries are additionally viewed as an eatery.